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Our most frequently asked questions and answers.


1What if I am not satisfied with my wash?
If you are not satisfied with your wash, we will be happy to rewash your vehicle free of charge. Please ask to speak to the manager on duty.
2Can you wash soft top convertibles?
Yes. Our equipment is gentle enough for soft-top convertibles in good condition. We also turn off the high-pressure sprayers to avoid any possibility of damage to the soft-top.
3How do I know I receive the wash I paid for?
Through innovative technology, our point of sales system communicates with our tunnel controller as to what car is getting what wash. Also, through CarPics® technology, our team can see each car’s wash in real-time. We utilize RFID, and Loop system to identify and verify each vehicle.
4Do you use brushes or leave swirl marks on your paint?
No, Drive & Shine Car Wash uses Neoglide Foam Wraps. They are extremely gentle to today's soft clearcoat cars, resists grit, non-scratching. Neoglide is a soft but durable foam sponge material that has been proven through the years to be very durable but gentle to your car. Other materials have been known to leave your car dull and hazy looking, while Neoglide polishes your car to a gleaming shine.
5Do I get a quality wash when you are busy?
The technology we use allows us to give you the same quality of car wash, regardless of how busy we are.
6How much water do you use? Is it environmentally friendly to go to Drive & Shine Car Wash?
Compared to the average amount of fresh water a person might use when washing his or her vehicle in the driveway with a hose, we only use about 1/7 of that amount of water (150 gallons in the driveway vs 20 gallons at Drive & Shine). Also, Drive & Shine Car Wash locations have varying levels of water reclamation systems which allow us to filter, clean and re-use some of the water used in our wash process. Used water runs directly to a unique collection system that filters the water and removes harmful sediments and oil before it reaches local sewers. Providing a clean, dry, and shiny car for all our customers while also trying to do our part to conserve natural resources such as water is extremely important to us.
7What are the size limits for vehicles going through the wash tunnels?
  • Vehicles above 84” in height.
  • Vehicles wider than 73” from inside driver tire to outside passenger tire (usually tires outside frame)
  • Vehicles that sit lower than 5” to the ground.
  • Vehicles with tires wider than 13.5”
8Can you wash Dually Trucks?
No, we do not wash Dually Trucks in our tunnels.
9What are the Vehicle Restrictions?
  • Vehicles above 84” in height.
  • Vehicles wider than 73” from inside driver tire to outside passenger tire (usually tires outside frame)
  • Vehicles that sit lower than 5” to the ground.
  • Vehicles with tires wider than 13.5”
  • Trucks with beds containing fuel tank gun and hose
  • Trucks with Dual rear tires (dually)
  • Vehicles with snowplows attached
  • Trucks/vans with ladder racks
  • Full-size Hummers, Ford Raptors, Nissan NV, Ford Transit, Dodge Promaster, All limousines.
  • Any conversion van or any van with low profile side steps
  • Oversize mirrors that customer does not fold (do not fold them to avoid cracking them.)
  • Vehicles with permanently affixed tripod-style mirrors
  • Vehicles in which one of the tires has been replaced with the narrow spare tire.
  • Power antennas that cannot be retracted
  • Vehicles with ski racks, bike racks, or any rear mounted racks.
  • Vehicles with excessive damage (cracked windshield, missing bumper etc.)
  • Excessively dirty vehicles (mud, dirt, debris) (unless we are slow; we can wash but must have excessively dirty charge and pressure washed prior to sending through the tunnel).
  • Excessively rusted vehicles.
10If you have any of the following, we cannot be responsible for damage that might occur and caution against getting your vehicle washed.
  • Spare tire covers
  • Non-Factory parts of modifications (Including LED bars).
  • Previously chipped or cracked paint
  • Loose, cracked, rusted, previously damaged parts.
  • Cracked or chipped windshield.
  • Vehicles 15 years or older
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