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Conventional Oil   $34.99 

 Includes FREE Basic Wash ($8 Value)
• Provides GOOD Protection for your engine
• Not Recommended for Mid to High Performance Engines
• Not Recommended for High Mileage or 4x4 Vehicles

Semi Synthetic Oil   $54.99 

 Includes FREE Diamond Wash($18 Value)
• Provides BETTER Protection Than Conventional Oil
• Provides BETTER Gas Mileage Than Conventional Oil
• Recomended for Mid Performance & 4X4 vehicles
• Great for High Mileage Vehicles (over 75,000 miles)

Full Synthetic Oil   $79.99 

 Includes FREE Diamond Wash
                      & Interior Vacuum ($26 Value)
• Provides BEST Protection for Your Engine
• Provides BEST Gas Mileage
• A MUST for High Performance Engines
• Many Vehicle Manufactures REQUIRE This Oil

Other Services 

• Transmission and Coolant Flush
• Engine Flush
• Fuel System Cleaning & Fuel Filter Replacement
• Air Filter & Cabin Filter Replacement
• Wiper Blades & Light Replacement
• Tire Rotation