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Hand Wax

Carpet Shampoo

  • Application of Wax to Vehicle Exterior Using an Orbital Buffer
  • Provides Excellent Weather Resistance
  • Superior Paint Protection
  • Adds a Showroom Shine
  • Shampoo carpets with hot water
  • Removes most stains
  • Brightens colors
  • Prolongs life of fabric

Seat Shampoo

Interior Vinyl

  • Shampoo seats with hot water
  • Removes most stains
  • Brightens colors
  • Prolongs life of fabric
  • Application of leather protectant to all leather seats
  • Prevents premature cracking
  • Puts natural oils back into leather to make it pliable
  • Complete cleaning of all interior vinyl, dash and center console
  • Application of vinyl protectant to all vinyl,dash and center console
*Prices exclude cost of carwash for all services except Full Details. Add $10 to $20 for each service for larger vehicles & SUV’s. Excessively deteriorated vehicles will incur an extra charge.
We only quote average size and average condition on the phone.
Full Detail
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• Diamond Wash & Int Vac CheckDtl CheckDtl CheckDtl
• Carpet Shampoo CheckDtl CheckDtl CheckDtl
• Seat Shampoo CheckDtl CheckDtl CheckDtl
• Vinyl Conditioning CheckDtl CheckDtl CheckDtl
• Hand Wax CheckDtl CheckDtl CheckDtl
• Carnauba Wax Upgrade CheckDtl CheckDtl
• Clay Bar CheckDtl CheckDtl
• Wheel Detail CheckDtl CheckDtl
• Bumber Restoration CheckDtl CheckDtl
• Drive Pur 2-Step CheckDtl CheckDtl
• Drive Pur Prevent CheckDtl
• Engine Clean CheckDtl
• Engine Armorall CheckDtl
• Buff and Polish CheckDtl
• Headliner Detail CheckDtl
• Headlight Restoration CheckDtl
Car $150 $300 $500
Truck/SUV $200 $400 $650
Van/Large SUV $250 $500 $800
Save up to $46 $106 $206
 We also detail Boats, RV's and Motorcycles. Ask inside for prices.

Other Services

Engine Degreasing, Overspray Removal, Carnauba Wax, Odor Removal, Buff & Wax and Clay Bar.
Prices Subject to Change Without Notice