Question: How Does it Work?

Answer: We keep it simple. Drive & Shine will supply your organization
with car wash coupons, which you turn around and sell. The coupons are
available in 3 different exterior car wash options. Coupons are good at all of our
exterior and full service carwash locations. Your organization has a one month
selling period, after which you return any unsold coupons. Your organization
keeps up to 50% of the money you collect, less $100.00 set-up and administrative cost.

Question: Who Qualifies?

  1. Community Projects

  2. Schools

  3. Churches

  4. Local Service Clubs

  5. Athletic Teams

  6. Any Non-Profit Organization

Question: How much does it cost?

Answer: Your fundraising organization will be fully responsible for coupons issued.
If any of the coupons are lost, stolen or returned in unusable condition, your organization
will be responsible for them. You will also be charged $100.00 set-up and administrative fee.

Question: Any Restrictions?

  1. Car wash coupons may not be discounted below the current retail price.

  2. The People Helping People fundraising program is restricted to one sale month per
    year,per non-profit organization.

  3. Coupons may not be sold on the premises of any Drive & Shine Car Wash location.

Question: How do I get started?


  1. Decide when you would like to do your Drive & Shine People Helping People
    fundraising program. You have one month to sell your coupons. We need a minimum of
    two weeks lead time to provide you the coupons.

  2. Decide how many coupons you think your organization will sell. Our experience
    shows that each person selling will sell approximately 15 coupons (5 of each wash).

  3. Complete the "On Line" fund raising application, or contact us at 574-277-8877

  4. Sign the Drive & Shine People Helping People fundraising contract

  5. Attend the on-site tour of Drive & Shine.

  6. Sell! Sell! Sell!