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Maureen J
2017-06-21, 00:00
Very nice job
Ken Z
2017-06-07, 00:00
First detail but more to come....Great job!
Elena H
2017-06-01, 00:00
Thanks for fast, speedy service!
Keith L
2017-05-24, 00:00
I recently brought in one of our 14 year old pickup trucks that had been out in the field used by my workers on site for six months, the interior of the truck was dusty dirty smelled from cigarettes, had coffee stains and the mats and carpet were full of mud and dirt. I purchased your Silver Detail package with the hopes of making the truck look a little cleaner and more appropriate to drive. When I picked up the truck later that afternoon I was amazed that it was the same truck! The carpet and mats looked like new again, the dash, doors and leather seats were shining! And the truck no longer smelled of smoke, it had a clean new fresh scent. The paint looked better than it had in years from the wax you applied and the tires were glowing! I know this truck was much dirtier than the normal vehicle that comes through your door, but your employees went the extra mile to make it look great at no extra cost. As a business owner myself I know that it is sometimes hard to get your employees motivated to put in the extra effort when it is needed, but you can be proud of your employees knowing that they could have just put in half the effort and said this was the best I can make this truck look, but instead they put in the extra effort to really make an old worn out truck look better than it has in years! I will for sure recommend your services to my friends, family and business contacts.
Thomas S
2016-12-09, 00:00
The young man who performed the service was very professional and did a great job. Will definitely have our vehicles detailed again. Only wish we had done it sooner.
Ted C
2016-12-04, 00:00
Build one of these shops in Three Rivers, Michigan!
Frank R
2016-11-20, 00:00
Very nice detail on my Mercedes.
Gary W
2016-11-14, 00:00
Very pleased with the results.
Charles N
2016-11-01, 00:00
Kathy S
2016-10-27, 00:00
The car looked beautiful and is now ready to be stored for the winter.
Dennis M
2016-10-18, 00:00
Had a detail, antifreeze & transmission flush performed to our satisfaction.
Gerene M
2016-10-14, 00:00
Very nice cleaning and service was great.
Liz R
2016-10-12, 00:00
I will bring in my other vehicle in the near future.
Anita H
2016-10-12, 00:00
The technician team was friendly and detail oriented (OCD). My 2008 Ford Escape looks like new, definitely better than the day I bought it used off the dealer lot.
Harry A
2016-10-07, 00:00
The people at Drive & Shine did a great job.
Stephen A
2016-10-04, 00:00
Very nice job!
David F
2016-09-14, 00:00
Nice place to visit.
Gabriel V
2016-09-12, 00:00
Service was outstanding. Jake was very informative about the services I was receiving. I originally went in for silver detail package, Jake quickly noticed how bad my car was and had no problem upgrading to the gold. Will definitely be taking my car back as needed.
Richard G
2016-09-12, 00:00
Excellent service as usual. I will continue to use these excellent people every year.
David F
2016-09-10, 00:00
Good job.
Steven V
2016-09-03, 00:00
Appreciate the care.
Joe C
2016-09-02, 00:00
Staff is very friendly helpful, and prompt. Overall it was a good detail.
Kate S
2016-09-01, 00:00
I brought in my 2002 VW Bug. Yikes! It was an horrendous mess. Big thanks to the person who must've spent a very long time working on it. I forgot that the carpeting is black & not full of dog hair.
Ken R
2016-08-30, 00:00
Great job. Will go back with our other car.
Richard C
2016-08-13, 00:00
Very happy with the service. My car looks new again.
Tina D
2016-08-12, 00:00
David greeted us and checked me in. He was very professional! My car looks great.
Jennifer T
2016-07-31, 00:00
Very friendly and helpful staff. Car was beautiful at pickup and staff finished early.
Jody M
2016-07-23, 00:00
Malcolm was very friendly and polite.
Kendra M
2016-07-18, 00:00
Overall good wax. Excellent job inside-very pleased.
Zora C
2016-07-15, 00:00
The Best Ever!!
Ken T
2016-07-13, 00:00
Excellent service and people throughout my visit!!!
Connie K
2016-07-11, 00:00
Very pleased! My car was very dirty and they did an excellent job overall. :)
Charlotte R
2016-06-24, 00:00
I loaned my car to my daughter (I bet you've heard this one before) and it came back filthy & stained. You got out coffee & soda stains that I didn't think would EVER come out. Thank you so much.
Mac S
2016-06-20, 00:00
Very satisfied.
Johnette G
2016-06-12, 00:00
It was a great experience.
Anthony B
2016-06-11, 00:00
Juan was outstanding - great customer service.
Paul B
2016-06-09, 00:00
Very professionally done. Good Job!!
Victor H
2016-06-09, 00:00
Very good service with good knowledge of products.
Teresa E
2016-06-06, 00:00
Juan is the Best! He and his team do a great job. Juan has been doing my vehicles for years and he knows I am a picky person.
Fred V
2016-06-02, 00:00
Wash Advisor Matt was excellent.
Jame & Mary Lou F
2016-06-01, 00:00
We have always been very pleased with all the services and friendly employees. It is the place to take your car.
Karen K
2016-05-31, 00:00
Impressed with Denzel's friendly and professional demeanor. Would not hesitate to bring this car or other one in for detail.
Joyce V
2016-05-22, 00:00
We get our car washed at the Schererville location all the time. Great service.
Julie C
2016-05-21, 00:00
Juan was amazingly helpful -- I'll be back again!
Randy L
2016-05-07, 00:00
My wife is smiling from ear to ear and I am very pleased with everyone and everything that was done.
Kelsey B
2016-05-04, 00:00
Raymond was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Service was quick and my car looks great!
Jen M
2016-05-03, 00:00
Very impressed with detail job!
Craig B
2016-05-01, 00:00
The gentleman that waxed and detailed my car did an excellent job. In the past I have found some lack of attention to detail. This time, it looked like all the cracks and crevices in addition to the main areas where detailed with great care and cleanliness. Great job and thanks.
Tracy S
2016-04-27, 00:00
I was very happy with my experience. They young man who helped me was very nice and informative. I am also impressed with the honesty of the staff. As they were cleaning my car, there was $20+ in the bag that came from my vehicle. I will be back and I will certainly recommend others to Drive & Shine.
Rudy F
2016-04-25, 00:00
My car has never looked better! The service is outstanding & professional. I would, and have, recommended their services on Ironwood & Ireland Rds. Excellent!!
Timothy W
2016-04-21, 00:00
I'm so happy with what they did! So proud, keep up the good work!
Lisa D
2016-04-18, 00:00
Wonderful! I am very happy.
Holly P
2016-04-08, 00:00
Everyone is very friendly and does an excellent job. I will continue to go there. Recommend you to my friends.
Bill T
2016-04-06, 00:00
The guys were very friendly and knowledgeable. Will be back in the near future. Thank you.
Danl D
2016-04-03, 00:00
Great job all around.
Joseph B
2016-03-28, 00:00
I believe the young man's name was Jake. He took great pride in our car like it was his own.
2016-03-25, 17:09
My SUV looks amazing! Thorough cleaning and my carpets look new.
Greg R
2016-03-22, 00:00
I can't believe how my SUV looks - it was very dirty. Very impressed - great job!
Jacob B
2016-03-18, 00:00
I have known Matt for a number of years, and he, as well as all the staff at this location are excellent personnel.
Lydia O
2016-03-15, 00:00
Joe did an amazing job. My truck looked great :-) Will come back.
sheryl arnold
2016-03-13, 18:37
John F
2016-03-10, 00:00
Great job!
Dave A
2016-03-10, 00:00
Thank you. Very happy!
Cathy S
2016-02-29, 00:00
They did a fantastic job with my car!
Christopher R
2016-02-27, 00:00
I had a WONDERFUL experience at Drive & Shine (on Ironwood Drive). I was EXTREMELY happy with the work that you did for me, and I would highly-recommend you to my family and friends. I will definitely utilize your services again in the future. THANK YOU for making my car look, smell and feel brand-new!
Barb F
2016-02-18, 14:46
I like the thoroughness of the job performed.
Mark K
2016-02-08, 00:00
Your associate recommended new wipers, tail (lic. plate) light out, new air filter - also seat cleaning, vinyl conditioning, etc - which we did everything. I will be bringing back another truck (SUV) later this week for the same treatment. Thank you.
Tanya M
2016-02-06, 00:00
Car looks and smells great!
Tracy H
2016-02-05, 00:00
The service offered by the staff has been excellent. Great group of young men and women.
Patrick C
2016-01-26, 00:00
Awesome job - beyond my expectations.
Kandie E
2016-01-26, 00:00
My car looks brand new.
Conelis C
2016-01-21, 00:00
You are specialists and value what you do with great distinctions. All in one - will refer my friends.
Mildred Sanchez
2016-01-11, 00:00
Wonderful service. I love the professional job and Michael and James are really nice! This place in Elkhart is the best.
Debbie J
2016-01-01, 00:00
I was very pleased that I could get the car detailed on New Year's Day.
Evelyn B
2015-12-12, 00:00
Brandt did an excellent job!
Terry R
2015-12-11, 00:00
Amazing job! They even repaired a piece of carpet that had come loose. We were actually going to take the car some place else to have it fixed. We had no idea it would be included in our service. Needless to say we were very pleased. Our coor looked better than the day we bought it!
Edward R
2015-12-10, 00:00
I was treated with care, sense of hospitality and concern about service. The car looks like new! Thank yo!
Martin S
2015-12-10, 00:00
Outstanding service, the staff was excellent.
Laurie B
2015-12-07, 00:00
They did an awesome job and treated me like royalty! My car looked almost new again!
David M
2015-12-05, 00:00
Very happy with work - car (Tahoe) is very clean.
John M
2015-12-04, 00:00
I am always happy when Brian is working on my car. He is very meticulous and thorough.
Janet E
2015-12-03, 00:00
This was my husband's Christmas present for his 2011 Camaro. You all did such a wonderful job! With the nicer weather we can still drive it. But as soon as the weather changes & snow flies it gets put away with the cover over it till Spring. Thanks for such a great job!
Mary N
2015-12-02, 00:00
Tyler was the young man who worked on our car and he did a fabulous job -- the car looks brand new. He greeted us when we picked up the car. He was very professional and friendly. He gave us specific information about what they did, the seats were a little damp so he placed plastic on the driver's seat so my clothes didn't get wet driving home. I was very impressed with him and the work he did on my car. I will definitely share the great experience with others.
Beth W
2015-12-01, 00:00
Emily J.
2015-11-07, 00:00
Every time I get in my car I can't believe it--it looks brand new!
Phil H.
2015-11-03, 00:00
I was very impressed with the results. People very friendly.
Doug S.
2015-11-02, 00:00
Great job! Very satisfied - will give repeat business.
Shannon R
2015-10-28, 00:00
Brian's attention to detail is by far outstanding. I will refer friends and family. Keep doing it the way you are.
Larry J
2015-10-10, 00:00
Good/Great job!
2015-10-06, 18:00
Michael S
2015-10-06, 00:00
Fast service and great quality work. Very pleased with both vehicles we brought in.
Pat M
2015-10-05, 00:00
My 2001 Tahoe looks like new...excellent job.
Paul M
2015-10-03, 00:00
All were friendly and helpful.
Barbara K
2015-09-25, 00:00
My car looked like it was just driven off the showroom floor. I am so impressed with your service and the staff who works at the South Bend store. I am planning to take our other car there as well.
Jared G
2015-09-24, 00:00
They cleaned everything, every where. I always get great service. The Elkhart store always takes really good care of me. They go the stain out of my seat without a problem.
Shari H
2015-09-24, 00:00
Good job!!
William B
2015-09-23, 00:00
Very pleased!
Elaine M
2015-09-20, 00:00
My guy was so good, he even got a few door ding scratches off.
Lisa S.
2015-09-17, 00:00
The rep that handled my transaction and completed the services to my car was terrific. He's truly an asset to your company.
Catherine T
2015-09-10, 00:00
You did a great job - many thanks!
Dale S
2015-09-06, 00:00
I really liked the service and the people.
Helen P
2015-09-04, 00:00
I am very pleased with the service.
Lou P
2015-08-30, 00:00
Friendly and thorough.
Sally S
2015-08-28, 00:00
My 2007 Honda Civic looks like a brand new car.
Jennifer Z.
2015-08-22, 00:00
I feel like my mini-van was absolutely restored inside and out. Amazing job! We have 3 active kids in sports and this is what the van needed! Excellent manager discussed the services. Everything was perfect. Thanks! I will be back to have done again in one year or sooner!
Bill E
2015-08-20, 00:00
Very pleased with how the car looked. Will definitely do it again when needed.
Randy G
2015-08-17, 00:00
Very impressed with everything!
Marsha H
2015-08-13, 00:00
I had the pleasure of dealing with Matt, the Elkhart location Manager and what a great experience it was. He is everything you could want in a good manager and went out of his way to provide the best service I have seen in a long, long time. He kindly provided transportation to and from my office, my car was immaculate and what a great experience. I have been a Director of Customer Service for a Fortune 500 Company for the U.S. and I would hire Matt in a heart beat.What ever you are paying him - you should double it. I went back to work and showed people my car and you will be receiving new customers. I also gave out his name and told them the same thing I am telling you - What a great experience and you have a great employee working for Drive and Shine.
Christopher T
2015-08-11, 00:00
I brought in 4 vehicles & was very happy with the service.
2015-08-07, 00:00
They did an excellent job with the car and I will definitely come again.
Marcia K
2015-08-07, 00:00
Ext. finish & engine looked like new, it was like a new car and it's an '08! Very happy with results.
Tom A
2015-07-27, 00:00
Car looks like new.
Deb H
2015-07-27, 00:00
Friendly staff. Totally detailed my car that had not been done in 10 years! Looks like new! I will be back more often.
Jaime M
2015-07-26, 00:00
Everything was excellent. I bought a steering wheel cover and they even put it on for me.
Tim K
2015-07-21, 00:00
I work w/Brian. He is knowledgeable and helpful.
Brian M
2015-07-11, 00:00
Wife very happy with your work.
Linda G
2015-07-10, 19:17
Friendly, courteous and professional.
Pat M
2015-07-10, 19:15
The service was great, the vinyl gleamed, and the exterior sparkled!! Thanks
Jane L
2015-06-29, 00:00
Kenneth did an excellent job on my car inside and out! I will definitely be back again!
Maureen O
2015-05-27, 00:00
Great service Great People. Matt was great to work with as usual.
Jeanne B
2015-05-18, 00:00
They always do a good job.
Thomas K
2015-05-13, 00:00
The man who did my car was OUTSTANDING!
Hui L
2015-05-11, 00:00
Car is bright and shiny! Love it!
Donna S
2015-05-07, 00:00
Great job! Took longer than projected but well worth the wait.
Robert K
2015-05-01, 00:00
My Jeep looked better than when I drove it off the showroom floor! Brian was the service agent who did the work and he was incredible, I could not have been happier. I am recommending him to all my friends and family! I will definitely be back!
Rachel W
2015-05-01, 00:00
I had bought a car from a previous smoker & Malcolm gave me all the options to help eliminate the smell. THANK YOU!!
Don P
2015-04-29, 00:00
They guys were great. Really took an interest in the car and pride in their work.
Scott H
2015-04-29, 00:00
Overall nice experience.
Marlene T
2015-04-28, 00:00
I come in for the gold detail twice a year and I am always thoroughly satisfied with your services - my car looks amazing!! and Kenneth is just great to work with. I will be back.
Oscar O
2015-04-23, 00:00
Outstanding customer service - the whole experience was outstanding.
Teresa R
2015-04-10, 00:00
Very satisfied with the service. They did an awesome job. I will definitely return. Thank you :)
2015-04-07, 18:32
I called ahead to see if Drive and Shine carried and installed wiper blades. They did. I drove there and was in and out of there within 5 minutes, never leaving the car. Definitely worth the trip there instead of trying to figure them out and install them myself.
Joseph M
2015-04-06, 00:00
The gentlemen did an excellent job!!
Jack G
2015-03-31, 00:00
Special recognition needs to go to Brian and his team, he was very accommodating and go the job done, beyond expectation. Was referred specifically to Brian because a friend is already a client of Brian's and could not stop raving about the great job he had done on his truck. Thanks again, Brian. I will be back!!!!
Shelly S.
2015-03-30, 19:13
They did an excellent job with the car and I will definitely come again.
Aimee R.
2015-03-29, 19:14
Always an outstanding job.
2015-03-23, 19:45
Lita N.
2015-03-20, 19:14
Very good job!
2015-03-16, 21:22
Everytime I go to the Drive and Shine in Schererville, IN I have a great experience... There are very helpful and informative. I wish you guys would open one in IL... Maybe Oak Lawn area. or somewhere near there.Hint!!!!!!!
Robert K.
2015-03-08, 19:16
Looks like a brand new car.
Patricia Habegger
2015-03-06, 12:48
I called the Drive and Shine on County Road 6 to see if I could have my car detailed before a funeral. They do not make appointments, but I was told by Ryan, the manager, that if I could be there at a certain time, he'd have the staff ready to help me. What an outstanding experience! At a difficult time, these gentlemen did all they could to make me comfortable, care for me, and clean my car in an exceptional fashion. The interior detailing and exterior clean was completed in less than two hours, and I was on my way.
Thank you, Ryan and Co....you've gained another loyal customer!
T Martin
2015-03-06, 02:18
Had my 2007 Jeep washed outside and inside. Ken did a phenomenal job today! My car's leather seats and carpets were fantastic, just as when I purchased the car almost 8 years ago. Every single detail was accomplished. I am very satisfied with my visit today!
Jason W.
2015-03-02, 19:15
Jake was very polite and respectful and did all that was asked.
2015-02-12, 13:52
We use Drive and Shine for all of our oil changes. You can always find a coupon for the oil change & then get a free car wash also which makes it a really good bargain!!!
2015-02-12, 13:42
I love drive and shine the associates are always very nice and very helpful and my vehicle it's always super clean inside and out which it's a nice change from it's norm.it's hard to keep a vehicle clean with four young kids but drive and shine is always there when the dirt in the car gets to be to much
Don Lawther
2015-02-04, 00:53
I would like to complement Matt B He went above and beyond to address a concern I had regarding a recent visit. He was courteous and very professional. You should be proud of his work and the manner in which he represents your company. Job well done.
2015-01-26, 16:21
Had my first Ruby wash on Saturday. WOW! My car is soooo shiny!
R. Bassett
2015-01-25, 20:08
Getting ready to sell the car and needed a really good cleaning. The inside was so nice that the buyer thought we might not have ever been in the car. Jake was great in helping us select services needed.
Katherine J Ruple
2014-11-07, 17:33
I'm writing to tell you how much my husband and I appreciate your employees. We always get our oil etc. done there and we went last week for an oil change. One of the guys mentioned it was also time for changing our coolant. So we went back a couple of days later to have that done. When they were working on it they asked us if the coolant had been leaking and said we needed to replace the part. They called all over and knowone had it and it would have to be ordered. Juan did the best he could to secure hose w/clamps and made sure it wasn't leaking as a tempory fix as this is our only car and needed to get back to our home at Donnell Lake in Vandalia. We went back yesterday and Juan put the new part on for us. I just want to commend him as a valued employee. He couldn't have been any nicer. He kept appoliging for our inconvience. We will always be an appreciative customer. Sincerely, Jack & Kathy Ruple
2014-09-27, 14:47
Went there for the first time today and was so impressed. Nice young man, fast and courteous, and the car wash was a great bonus!! Loved not having to get out and wait in a dirty lobby!! Will go back!
Jenny L.
2014-08-18, 17:46
Glad to see Jesse back working. He always has done a great job on my car!
Michele M.
2014-07-18, 19:39
Made my 8 year old Mustang look sparkly and brand new!!!
Charles Y.
2014-07-15, 19:41
All the employees were very courteous & helpful.
Diana H.
2014-07-12, 19:44
Very impressed..... Took a little longer than I thought it would but it was really dirty..... Can't wait to get back to get a clay bar done///
Sharon R.
2014-07-09, 19:41
Brian at the Schererville location handled my suv. Excellent job. Intake of car as well as the actual detail job was handled very easily and thoroughly. Brian was great. I will return again.
Daniel K.
2014-07-08, 19:45
Great, efficient, friendly and easy to work with.
Dave Kline
2014-06-30, 21:08
Thanks for a great job looks like new.
2014-06-30, 15:22
Great value on the unlimited washes. We also had on vacuum a month. They kept the car looking great no matter the weather and when we used our monthly vacuum and windows, they really did a great job. I look forward to renewing business with you in the future.
2014-06-29, 16:51
Drive and Shine did a fantastic job detailing my truck. I was very pleased and will not hesitate to bring all my other vehicles to them for this service.
Mark B.
2014-06-05, 21:06
I was extremely satisfied with the service I received. They even drove me back to my house while the detail was performed! A+++++++
2014-06-05, 06:37
I was amazed at the difference in the appearance of my SUV. It looks great!
Chuck B.
2014-05-23, 21:11
Malcolm was very customer service oriented and took care of what was needed for my vehicle. As I shared with him, I'll recommend this service to others!!
Marlend T.
2014-05-22, 21:12
Just keep up the great work.
Ryan H.
2014-05-18, 21:10
Malcolm Wilson was very knowledgeable and a great sales representative. Out of all the places I have been to get my car cleaned you rank #1.
Robert A.
2014-05-06, 21:13
I came back I must like the service.
Joe L
2014-04-24, 21:09
Thought it was a little pricy, but quality & timeliness of wash done was excellent.
Susan N.
2014-04-14, 20:46
Great Employees! Great Job!
Len S.
2014-04-10, 20:48
Juan and his team did an excellent job for me. My truck has 100,000 miles and has never had anything other than a car wash. Now, it is shiny, sparkling and very clean. Juan called me about two hours in to the job to say it was taking longer than he had anticipated. He said since it was going to take an extra hour, he would also clean the engine area. It was very clean. I am very pleased with the work and will recommend your service to others.
Jodie Brink
Drive And Shine
2014-03-13, 18:23
I had my son's car detailed as a surprise for him. Very nice job and he was very pleased.
Teresa E.
2014-01-31, 00:40
Juan is my detail man - he is great. Juan and his team did an excellent job. I always highly recommend Juan to anyone I know who goes to Drive & Shine for any needs. This car came out better than I thought it would!!! Excellent, Excellent, Excellent
Mary Lou F.
2013-12-24, 20:43
Our car looked beautiful! Juan was so polite, friendly. Having other companies detail our 2005 Lincoln in the past, our car never looked this good, inside and out.
Andrew U.
2013-12-23, 20:52
Recently purchased my vintage car that needed an interior detail badly. The body is in very good condition, but the inside was also a victim of tobacco. Leather shows some wear, but mostly needed a cleaning; especially the fronts seats.

I was extremely pleased with the quality of work that was done. Jimmy was my attendant and you could not have a nicer, more enthusiastic and dedicated team member. He is a good guy! He said that after I ran the car and the vents, that if I wanted, I could bring the car back for another pass at deodorizing the vehicle. I will likely take him up on that.

My only criticism was that when i went to leave your garage, my brand new battery was dead. I had asked the day before whether the battery would be disconnected if the doors were left open to air dry - and was told that would be the case. I am guessing that it was an honest oversight and someone forgot to disconnect the battery. There wasn't enough juice to turn the battery and it had to be jumped. Your staff was very quick to bring over the battery charger and we were able to jump start the car within a few minutes of the discovery of the problem.

All in all though I am very pleased. I just brought in another car to be detailed (interior) and will swap out another in just a day or so. My annual gift to my Mom is a full detail of her older Buick with 60K miles and that will be coming as well.

Thank you again!
Daniel P.
2013-12-13, 20:51
The winter and my teenage son had made the inside and outside of the car simply nasty. When we picked it up it looked like the car had undergone "Pimp my ride". It looked better than the day I bought it. It was a transformation. Just marvelous.
Elaine H.
2013-12-28, 18:43
Love your South side location and the staff!!
Katharine K.
2013-12-22, 18:41
At the N. Main St. location, Malcolm and David went above and beyond making sure I was well taken care of and my car was as well. They both exceeded any expectations I had! They even coordinated a ride for us to the mall to complete our Holiday shopping.
The auto was a gently used car that I had just purchased. The seats and carpets were full shampooed, windows washed and all vinyl cleaned very well.
I will for sure be recommending this place to family and friends who live close by.
Thanks again David and Malcolm!
Richard Jania
2013-12-20, 21:48
Took my 2003 Impala in for interior cleaning and 6 month wax. Could not believe how good the carlooked when I picked it up
Elaine H.
2013-12-08, 18:44
Love the staff @ the South side location. Even gave me a ride home when dropping off to make it easier!
Priscilla B.
2013-11-13, 21:15
Juan was excellent. Came in prior to detail service to ask about area on hood that was stained from bird droppings. Juan tried several items and was able to remove stain. he did this before he even knew I would be getting my auto detailed. Great service!
Steven B
2013-11-12, 14:21
I wanted to thank Drive and Shine for the free car wash yesterday for Veteran's day. Very nice of you and much appreciated, even though it rained 30 min after I got the wash. Thanks for giving back.
Art H.
2013-11-01, 21:14
This car was filthy inside and outside and after the detailing was completed it look like a new car. Very impressed with the overall quality of the work performed.
Greg and Helen
2013-10-28, 14:30
Great job with recent detailing! Brian is always courteous, informative, and helpful. Actually, all the employees are friendly and informative. We have been customers for many years and will continue to do so. Thanks for your time and efforts.
Amy c.
2013-10-13, 21:39
Friendly service, excellent job.
Steve Jacobs
2013-09-24, 10:08
The new "Ruby" Wash is unbelievable. It looks as good as a hand wax.It really brought back the luster and the car turned heads as i pulled out of the wash. My 6 year old loves the LED light show too! Well worth the little extra $$.
Renny Y.
2013-09-17, 09:49
Great service @ Drive & Shine in Elkhart on Cassopolis Street! I have had 2 cars detailed there in the last month and they look fantastic! Plus the staff was wonderful. I needed a ride home both times and they did it without question. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Thanks Drive & Shine!
David F.
2013-09-07, 16:42
Very impressed! I would recommend to anyone. I have to admit, that the interior was terrible. I would not have been surprised if they had found an animal nesting inside. My wife and I, both, could not believe how good of a job was done! They bagged items that were found during their cleaning. Professionals! I could go on.
My wife had read your other reviews, and we determined from those comments, that we would try you over other detail shops. None of your reviews were exaggerated.
2013-09-02, 16:46
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the detail. Looked like a brand new car! The employees are always so helpful and friendly!
Robert F.
2013-07-20, 21:40
Everyone did a great job and was very courteous.
Millie newmanGuest
2013-06-06, 12:41
I've used D&S services a few times and I'm very picky! Even when I redeem a free service they do it to my satisfaction and they always smile! Thank you (I am the FIRST CUSTOMER to VOTE at the cassopolis st location this year.)
Tracie E.
2013-05-31, 18:34
The people were very nice and made sure of what I wanted and paid attention to detail.
James M.
2013-05-20, 18:38
I'm a regular customer because of the awesome service I receive every time I come in.
2013-05-16, 12:40
I recently went to Drive and Shine when I was in the Schererville area. BEST CARWASH EVER! I was super pleased with the job that was done. I wish we had one in Portage!!
Kathy J.
2013-05-10, 18:35
My Toyota Highlander had tar and other old dirt and grime - after detailing, the vehicle looked great!
2013-05-03, 16:51
Marilyn F.
2013-05-02, 18:36
My SUV is 11 years old. After John worked his magic it looks brand new. Every inch is spotless! Thank you! I will recommend Drive & Shine and your employees John & Brian to family and friends.
Doris R.
2013-04-26, 16:42
Did a great job - will be back. Everyone was very helpful and courteous!
Julie J.
2013-04-11, 18:39
Each person that I spoke with was very friendly and respectful. That's so rare anymore & is thus appreciated even more. You either choose your employees well, train them well, or both.
Ashley D.
2013-04-06, 18:35
My detail job was done exceptionally well. I will be going back to Drive & Shine again in the future. Very good customer service.
Brenda C.
2013-03-30, 16:43
My daughter took my car to Florida for spring break. Brought it back trashed. You guys made my car look brand new!! I couldn't be more pleased.
Marla K.
2013-03-29, 16:46
My car (inside) was absolutely filthy. Ashley (at Elkhart - Cassopolis St. Store) was wonderful & so friendly - she did a great!!! job on my vehicle.
Jen B.
2013-03-29, 16:45
We had a great experience. Interior of the car looked like new.
Jill K.
2013-03-29, 16:41
The young man Andrew Dougall went out of his way to make sure I was pleased with the work that was done, he was very friendly - Great Job! Will tell all my friends...
2013-03-26, 15:01
I am so happy with my clean car today and want to say thank you to a very busy, competent, and happy employee named Montrel who was handling the car care of several cars at once while catching clean cars coming off the line and parking them. He apologized for Drive and Shine being understaffed today, and it seemed like he was doing the job of two or three guys, but he handled everything flawlessly. Hats off to you Montrel! You are an asset to Drive and Shine on Main Street in Mishawaka, IN!!
Scott P
2013-03-19, 16:39
Joe was awesome. The car needed TLC and Joe got it better than expected. Professional, knowledgeable, and best of all , friendly. Drive & Shine has a special place in my heart.
Breyden W.
2013-03-18, 15:44
I am very impressed with our car after is was washed I was recently at the Elkhart Nappanee street location and my car came out looking really good the wheels and the car color was shiny more people should visit that location.
Michael L.
2013-03-14, 16:49
We were over joyed with the way our car looked. The crew are very good at what they do and the car was so clean inside and out. We shall be back!!
Karen M.
2013-03-14, 16:48
You took a beat up car and made it look great again. Thank you!!
2013-03-13, 12:15
Thank You Drive and Shine for the great service and the great job that you do on my car!!!
Ron T.
2013-03-11, 16:52
Great Job!! Car looks very good. I will be back.
Cindy C.
2013-03-06, 16:44
Made a miracle happen. Very pleased. Thank you!
JoAnne C.
2013-02-23, 16:50
Brian was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. My old dirty car looked so nice after the services. I will highly recommend Drive & Shine and will be a regular there also. Thank You!
Jeanie J.
2013-02-23, 16:42
Keep up the good work we love it at Drive & Shine.
Michael H.
2013-02-19, 16:43
He did an excellent job. It was my brothers car who passed away but was a smoker, can't tell. Mom & Dad impressed with results too. I'll bring my 2 other cars back.
Angie B.
2013-02-15, 16:53
Never had my car detailed before. This was a great experience and I'll be back! I was especially impressed with the friendliness of the staff and the speed of service. Thanks, guys!!!
Pat W.
2013-02-01, 15:44
I have heard good things about this place and I have heard bad, but I thought I would give them a chance and they turned my F150 Truck into a brand new truck. It's a 2007 - it now looks like a 2013.
Kathleen H.
2013-01-07, 20:13
Great service! Highly impressed! Will be using you guys again! :)
Mike I
2012-12-21, 19:12
Dear Drive & Shine. Thank you so much for all the car wash certificates donates to the Mike Ingle Benefit held on August 18, 2012.
It was such a great help in raising funds to purchase a standing wheelchair for Mike.
Thanks to businesses in the community like your, Mike will soon have his standing chair.
Greatly appreciated,
Mike & Marjie Ingle
Niles, Michigan
Lou G.
2012-12-03, 20:08
Kevin and Chris did a SUPERB JOB detailing our X-5. They were professional, courteous & very reliable and competent upon completion of a thorough detail job.
Elaine H.
2012-11-26, 20:11
Would recommend this location to any of my family or friends - great service and Matt, your manager, is great!
Julie A.
2012-11-06, 16:25
What I liked Most: I could write an essay on all the positive things I would like to say about every experience I have at the Elkhart, Cassopolis St. location. It is the only place I go for car washes and oil changes. Because of the over-and-above service I received today from Steve and Aaron I will be telling every person I know about what an amazing experience I had. It's ALWAYS a pleasure going there because of the excellent customer service from Steve. The clean environment, the professionalism and the knowledge of the staff. I do not feel I am ever taken advantage of and I never feel as though they are twisting my arm to make an extra sale. They explain in detail what is going on with my car and what needs done or what is suggested. That makes me feel like I am in control of the choices I make. Being a single female you always hear horror stories about car places trying to take advantage or pressure sell. Not Steve, I trust him 100% with my vehicle. I feel very comfortable knowing that he won't steer me wrong. Today was no exception to the norm. I received above and beyond service. I asked one simple question about a noise coming out of one of my belts. Next thing I know Steve and Aaron found the problem and Steve fixed for me. Again, way above what he needed to do to help me. It was a much more costly visit than I had anticipated because of the problem they found (and fixed) but because of the excellent service I was not one bit upset. Then he even gave me a discount on my service because I was there so long. How many businesses do that? Discount you because it took so long? Thank you so much for employing such high quality and exceptional techs. It did not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Your business is amazing! I even love calling there because of the way the girl answers the phone!! (How can I make you smile today?) WOW! LOVE IT! That speaks volumes.
Jeanie J
2012-10-26, 19:04
Juan and Andy did a wonderful job on my car. I appreciate all their time, effort and dedication they put into detailing my car. Thank you!
I will be back to have my car serviced/detailed again.
Elizabeth R.
2012-10-12, 19:08
Friendly staff that restored my vehicle to like new condition after my dog had an accident all over the back seat on the way to the vet.
Cheryl M.
2012-09-19, 19:35
On the above date I brought in a vehicle we had just purchased as is (It was super filthy). i was quoted a price of $130 over the phone. When I arrived I was told $160 which was fine. I have never seen a car interior this filthy. Your staff was pleasant, helpful & although I think the young man quoted me $160 was in a bit of trouble for under quoting, he was pleasant through out the transaction. My vehicle looks wonderful. I never thought they could perform this miracle! This vehicle was purchased from a family with 3 large dogs & 4 children - I don't think they ever cleaned the inside. Your staff was wonderful. If you can pinpoint who was working that day, they need a bonus or a raise! Again, totally pleasant transaction. My story will not stop here.
Kerrie C.
2012-09-11, 19:44
Excellent Job!!! Car was a mess & looks beautiful now! True miracle workers!!
Adria B.
2012-09-11, 19:42
I was very impressed by the whole experience, as far as automotive maintenance goes. My wait time was exactly as estimated, all employees were friendly & helpful, and I am super thrilled with the quality of the detailing. Overall, it was very relaxing to be in your waiting area. Thank you!
Nick T.
2012-08-31, 19:41
Awesome experience! I was extremely pleased with the quality of work performed, and also the knowledge and professionalism of the employees. I will be back again.
Tom W.
2012-08-28, 19:40
You folks do a great job! I was very pleased with quality of the work done and your service was excellent. The price is VERY fair. Thanks!
JoAnn C.
2012-08-13, 19:45
I came in for a car wash & interior vacuum. The suggestion to clean further was courteous and I was glad to do it. I didn't expect such a great job & it did take a bit longer than planned but work the wait.
Brenda L.
2012-07-14, 19:24
I am very impressed with how my car looks, as well as how I was treated. Your customer service is the best - managers go above and beyond. I will return and tell my friends. I actually took pictures to send to family and friends.
Judy M.
2012-07-08, 19:20
Not sure how you are profiting on this - they worked hard and did a good job. After seeing the result, I've decided that my new car will be serviced like this annually.
Jolene M.
2012-07-05, 19:21
Super service from beginning to end. Extremely friendly staff and very professional. Have already recommended this location to others.
Rebecca C.
2012-06-26, 19:18
Our car looks brand new after being detailed! Our first detail was so nice, we didn't even think of taking our car to anyone else. Thank you, Drive & Shine.
Julie J.
2012-06-16, 19:26
We were very pleased with the job done, which was super. Plus, it's obvious that you hire quality individuals to service the cars. Each person seemed clean-cut.
Mary H.
2012-06-14, 19:21
More than courteous when I called to make the appt. Very good salesman on $90 more than I was quoted for something well needed. Drove me to work in a shiny clean car. They took a lot of pride & time on this vehicle. It was a surprise for my husband for Father's Day. He would never spend this money on himself for this detail. I know I couldn't have done this good myself. Thanks again. He loved it. Looked like new almost cried!
Judy G.
2012-05-26, 19:15
Sorry to be so remiss in sending this. First, my truck is very old with lots of miles and it was a mess inside. I cannot thank the staff enough for the outstanding job they did. They really went way above in making my truck look good. Not easy jobs, my hats off to having a superior manager and staff. I will recommend you to all. Thank you again.
Barb O.
2012-05-01, 19:30
We brought our blue 2005 Chevy Cobalt in for a complete detail in April. The car was in AWFUL condition. It was covered in leaves, tree sap and graphite dust on the outside, and the graphite dust hand settled on the entire interior and was ground into the leather seats. I told the serviceman to do what he could, because we were going to lend the car to my daughter to use temporarily. He said he would clean it up, but he showed me that even with scrubbing all the graphite would not come off the interior. I told him to do what he could to because I knew it was awful.
When I returned to pick up the car, I was amazed. The serviceman had cleaned up the car and it was clean and shiny inside and out! I thanked him profusely and was extremely satisfied with the work done - it was truly a miracle to me! I wish I would have taken before and after pictures. It was like picking up a new car!
We were charged a bit extra for the detail service but felt it was well worth the price of $140. I have shared this story with many people and I highly recommend Drive & Shine to everyone.
Stanley F
0216-01-11, 00:00
I was so happy and excited when I saw the car done! It looked excellent in all aspects! And the employees were above and beyond in customer service!
David F.
-0001-11-30, 00:00
Very Impressed! I would recommend to anyone. I have to admit, that the interior was terrible. I would not have been surprised if they had found an animal nesting inside. My wife and I, both, could not believe how good of a job was done! They bagged items that were found during their cleaning.
Professionals! I could go on.
My wife had read your other reviews, and we determined from those comments, that we would try you over other detail shops. None of your reviews were exaggerated.
Thanks again!
Deb H.
-0001-11-30, 00:00
Some of the friendliest staff. Even when I drive in for my wash, they act like they are so happy to see me.
Fred D
Well done.
-0001-11-30, 00:00